Trevor Iles Carbon Reduction Plan


Carbon Reduction Plan 2021 Onwards


Analysis of our current carbon footprint highlights that our activity of largest impact is the use of vehicles in the delivery of customer orders and visits to customer sites by our sales representatives. We have agreed to take the following steps to reduce this –

Scope 1 Fuel

Encourage customers to reduce the number of orders placed by consolidating daily orders into weekly orders and weekly into monthly where possible as this will not only reduce our carbon emissions but also reduce congestion in our city centres and improve air quality.
Target Date 2022

We will move towards electric vehicles from diesel vehicles where practicable. This will be done by replacing ICE vehicle to either plug in or self-charging hybrids from 2024 for company cars.
Target Date 2024

We will move towards electric vans as soon as possible. We recognise that current vehicle distance ranges and a lack of charging infrastructure in outlying areas prohibit the wholesale introduction of electric vehicles across our distribution fleet, but we envisage the introduction of electric vehicles for city centre deliveries in 2024.
Target date 2024

Whole fleet conversion to electric vehicles. Target date 2035

Deliveries are planned into geographical areas, namely post codes, on a daily/weekly schedule so customers know when to expect deliveries and to limit the number of miles travelled.
Target date 2022

Scope 2 Power & Heating

Our second largest impact on carbon is the use of electricity and gas in our offices. Since 2020 we have sourced our electric and gas from suppliers offering carbon neutrality through green generation packages, whether this is through the use of renewable energy or carbon offsetting.

We will support our landlords in pursuing renewable power generation for our rented units.  
Target Date 2030

Scope 3 Supply chain

We encourage staff to use public transport, walk/cycle or car share to work.
Target date 2025

We work with suppliers to consolidate orders to limit the number of deliveries they make to ourselves to reduce the carbon emissions of their vehicles.
Target date 2022

Many of our suppliers are multinational corporations who are currently working on carbon reduction plans within their own organisations.

Where possible we will look to buy local to support our local communities and reduce vehicle emissions.
Target date 2022

By taking these steps and collaborating with suppliers and customers we aim to reduce our GHG Emissions and be carbon Net Zero by 2050.